Buffalo chicken pizza

Buffalo chicken pizza

This buffalo chicken pizza is complete of spicy buffalo sauce, chicken, and drizzled with a creamy ranch dressing.

Sometimes I can’t even stand my lifestyle.

I imply, how did I increase up to land this gig where I cook, photograph food, and publish about it for a living? It’s so fabulous, I can barely manage it all.

I adore cooking, I adore photography, I adore creating. My life, it is comprehensive.

Then you throw in the incredible young children and the sweet husband, and critically, I’m so blessed I often want to punch myself.

Are you receiving tired of hearing me speak about how wonderful things are? I mean, guys. There are tons of dirty dishes. And did I mention the crumbs? And my children totally depart their socks all up in almost everything. I have discovered dirty socks on the kitchen counters. I have identified their dirty socks below my pillow. I have discovered dirty socks in my purse.

What is with my kids and dirty socks? Somebody make it cease.

General, however, I would not change this existence total of socks for anything.

Specially considering that it consists of items like this buffalo chicken pizza recipe. (And this carnitas pizza! OMG.)

This buffalo chicken pizza is like this life-altering meal that will entirely make you jealous of by yourself.

Has that ever took place to you? Issues are so wonderful that you’re really jealous of by yourself? If not, prepare to come to feel that way when you get a bit out of this spicy, cheesy, ranch-y pizza. It’s ridic.

You can both use a retailer bought rotisserie chicken for this meal, or you can be like me and use my favorite shredded chicken. It cooks in a crockpot all day, shreds rapidly in the mixer, and then shops in the freezer for you to grab anytime the mood strikes. I usually have eleventy hundred bags of the stuff on hand!

Be certain to give my buffalo chicken casserole a attempt as well!

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