Cauliflower pizza crust recipe

Cauliflower pizza crust recipe

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I am right here not to tell you that you should drop your family’s favourite pizza recipe, cease producing pizza or that pizza is bad for you. No, none of that is accurate. What I am here to supply you is an simple flourless oatmeal pizza crust resolution, if you are not “a flour girl” (oops, that sounds weird but I like it) like me and are hunting for a basic but lighter Friday evening pizza remedy.

What I mainly adore about a rolled oats pizza crust is an absence of flour mess and no bloating (I just need to have to place a printed recipe on my husband’s pillow). I do not make my own dough for a single of the factors talked about just before, but rather purchase whole wheat pizza dough at my neighborhood Italian deli (I particular buy ten at a time given that it is a specific buy) and make homemade pizza nights, I totally do and will keep undertaking it. Nonetheless, it is challenging to stop at 2 slices and I end up eating way more and then feeling bloated.

I came to a conclusion that bloating from wheat products is quite “normal” if you eat a lot more than 1 slice of pizza or a small handful of spaghetti. My stomach just feels hefty and it is not a indicator that I am gluten intolerant or delicate. The crucial is moderation, in every thing. So these two reasons above gave me enough inspiration to master an oatmeal crust pizza, so I could eat far more veggies but nonetheless on prime of pizza and with cheese.

Can I confess (have you noticed how sincere I am becoming as I age)? I produced cauliflower pizza crust recipe only twice in my existence. Not because it is undesirable, not at all, it holds by the slice and is delightful. Simply because it is just a wee bit as well considerably operate.

I received an oatmeal pizza crust thought from my gluten free crackers recipe and it delivered – swift recipe for a tired after work week mom minimal mess, once again for a exhausted mom thin crunchy crust for individuals who adore thin crunchy crust (we all do right here) and it can freeze, so make ahead, no difficulty.

Oatmeal crust does hold toppings fairly well and no need to have for a fork and knife.

I attempted to keep cheese and eggs to a minimum, but let’s face it – pizza dough requirements a binder considering that oats do not include gluten like wheat, to expand and bind with each other.

The dough comes out rather thick.

The ideal way to type a pizza crust is by dropping spoonfuls of dough on a baking sheet and flattening it with moist hands. Wet hands are critical and feel of it related to working with clay process. Your edges do not have to be ideal, neither does the form.

Oatmeal pizza crust comes out a bit lightly brown.

And right here is what I learnt about making pizza in America: any shape baking sheet or pizza stone performs (lined with parchment paper for an oatmeal crust pizza). You can also bake both crusts at very same time on both racks. Naturally, the best one will bake a tiny bit longer, so as soon as the bottom rack pizza crust is ready, get it out and place a best one particular on a bottom for a handful of far more minutes.

Okay, now onto the healthful BBQ chicken pizza I have going on right here. You can flip your oatmeal crust into any pizza you want: cheese pizza for little ones (and you), vegan pizza with only veggies and dairy totally free cheese or I chose to make a satisfying meaty pizza. I produced a double batch of clean eating BBQ sauce, employed some for pizza and we even now have leftovers for when it’s Alex’s turn to cook (he is always looking for a sauce in a fridge, which is a rare commodity to come by in Olena’s fridge:)).

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