Cornish game hen recipes

Cornish game hen recipes

Cornish game hens are a broiler chicken that is mostly comprised of white meat only. Also known as poussin, the Cornish hen has a delicate flavor and is often roasted total or barbecued. There are several techniques to season and put together Cornish hens, like with orange marmalade or spice.

This glazed Cornish hens recipe is fantastic for single servings or entrees for dinner events or vacation meals. You can serve the hens straight out of the oven, as you would a roasted chicken, with crispy browned skin and moist, tender meat. Sides that go wonderful with the hen include roasted or steamed greens, baked or mashed potatoes, or a straightforward salad.

Derived from The Woman’s Day Cookbook by Kathy Farrell-Kingsley, the following recipes highlight 7 different scrumptious sauces that take significantly less than ten minutes to make and give some pizzazz to Cornish hens. You can also use these tips for roast chicken by rising the cooking time accordingly.

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