Lentil curry

Lentil curry

Fall is a good time to:

  • put on cute sweaters
  • get a number of candles going
  • immerse your residence in the flavors and smells of your favorite classic comfort-food-but-nevertheless-kinda-healthier simmering stovetop recipes.


These red curry lentils are one particular of my all-time favourite recipes. As is typically my vibe, we’re functioning with very standard pantry substances here and simple, simple prep. It’s challenging to mess this one particular up.

Just cook your lentils and toss them in up this spicy red curry sauce with sauteed onions and a shot of coconut milk. OH MY Perfectly SPICY GOODNESS.

I’ve sort of had a fling with lentils recently. Or wait, like, in excess of the final eight many years. These guys, this one particular, that other one particular, and now a walk down memory lane back to the unique Red Curry Lentils that started out my enjoy affair? I can barely stand it. If you’ve never ever produced lentils before, this is a excellent recipe to introduce you to the magic of the most inexpensive, healthier, versatile, and totally scrumptious small meals in the pantry. The Humble Lentil reigns supreme.

Will you consume a big plate of these red curry lentils with rice? Or will you scoop up a creamy bite with a warm piece of naan? Or will you consume it cold out of the fridge with specifically zero judgement from me?

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