Pineapple pie

Pineapple pie

We manufactured a swift journey to check out family in California over the vacation weekend. In honor of our go to, my aunt manufactured a dessert from a cookbook that had belonged to her late sister. It was a Good Housekeeping cookbook, we assume it was published in the early 1940s because there was a Wartime Supplement with guidelines and recipes to save on rationed things. The cover and pages with publication specifics have gone missing over the years. The dessert itself was a very first for me, this vintage pineapple pie recipe, related to lemon cream pie in taste and tartness, but with more texture was tasty.

My aunt mentioned she likes to make this with canned pineapple in its very own juice, but she has produced it with fresh pineapple when she lived in Brazil, juicing some of the fruit to make up for the juice from the can. She tops it with a lighted baked meringue or whipped cream.

I love fresh pineapple, pineapple upside down cake, and pineapple sherbet, and now. I can include pineapple pie to the record.

Perhaps it’s just that I didn’t expand up with pineapple pie it’s not anything my mother made, but it in no way occurred to me this was some thing I was missing. How about you? Are you familiar with pineapple pie?

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