Plum jam

Plum jam

Plums can be ignored as a jam taste alternative. In the grocery retailer you’ll locate strawberry jam, grape jelly, orange-lemon marmalade and maybe some thing a minor off the beaten path like apricot jam.

But plums? Not generally an alternative. Therefore it is best to make your plum jam at home. As soon as you consider it you’ll want to repeat it each yr when plums are in season.

The recipe for plum jam is straightforward and comes from a gorgeous guide made by Williams-Sonoma called The Art of Preserving. The photos are gorgeous and several of the jams and jellies are accompanied by recipe tips which is a quite beneficial effort on the portion of the book’s authors, Rick Field, Lisa Atwood, and Rebecca Courchesne.

If you are hunting for plum jelly, the distinctions are minimal. The main distinction amongst jam and jelly is that jam typically starts with fresh (or frozen) fruit even though jelly starts with fruit juice.

If you cook the fruit down in this recipe to nearly a puree and do not depart any chunky bits, it will taste like plum jelly even although we’ve started out with fresh plums.

How to make Plum Jam without Pectin

Plums are an perfect fruit for generating jams simply because the skin is left on the fruit. You can skip the fussy phase of getting rid of the skin it, in reality, holds a good deal of the pectin in the fruit which aids the jam to gel.

You may possibly request, What is pectin? Pectin is a substance identified naturally in some fruits that when heated with sugar, it assists a jam thicken. Click here to study a submit that explains What is Pectin? in a lot more detail.

Some fruits are large in pectin and other individuals are not. Consequently, some canning recipes call for including pectin. For this plum jam recipe, no extra pectin is required.

Methods to make easy plum jam recipe

Set oneself up for canning achievement by getting the standard canning supplies. Go through much more about canning supplies in this submit.

The essentials for generating jam: Wash and reduce the plums in half. Remove the pits. Lower the plums into chunks. What a beautiful colour!

Next, add the sugar to your plum slices. This looks like a lot of sugar because, well, it IS a good deal of sugar.

1 of the few pitfalls of generating jam at residence is that you can no longer pretend that a bit of jam on best of your whole wheat bread every morning may be healthful. Nope, you now possess the understanding that you dredged your fresh fruit in a sugar bath. But that is okay, the end result is delightful. Just go with it.

Place the plum and sugar mixture into a massive saucepan and add the lemon juice and water. The recipe stated fresh lemon juice but I recall finding out along the way that bottled lemon juice has a far more consistent pH level and it is very best to use bottled when canning so that is what I did with this plum jam.

Cook your fruit and sugar mixture, bringing the jam to a complete rolling boil then stirring for 15-twenty minutes. (The recipe named for ten minutes but my jam was not to the right stage at that point. It could be due to my altitude in Denver.) This recipe doesn’t demand any extra fruit pectin.

Use a canning thermometer to make certain that your plum jam has reached its gelling point, then take away it from the heat, ladled it into the ready jars and continued with the canning approach if preferred.

Adhere to the normal procedure for canning when employing a water bath canner: put together and sterilize your jars and lids. Approach the jars according to your altitude.

It takes a great deal of time to bring a huge pot of water to the boiling level. Plan ahead and get your boiling water-bath started out just before you heat up the plum mixture. You want to time issues this kind of that your water-bath is ready when you have filled the jars.

Process the jam then allow the jars great fully just before moving them. They will be scorching!

Is Plum Jam the identical point as Plum Jelly?

By definition jam is produced from fresh (or frozen) fruit while jelly is created starting up with fruit juice. Usually jelly recipes will have a phase in which the mixture is strained by way of a cheesecloth so that the resulting jelly is smooth and totally free of any small bits of fruit.

I believe producing plum jam and plum jelly would be very similar. The jam is extremely smooth and free of chunks of plums even although there is not a need to use a blender or hand-held immersion blender to puree the mixture. Plums break down naturally and quite very easily in the cooking process which produces a uniform outcome.

The very same holds correct for grapes. Here is a recipe that can make homemade grape jelly.

How to use Plum Jam

Plum jam is recommended to be used as a topping for vanilla ice cream or as a complement to pork. I strategy to try the two. And you can’t go wrong slathering plum jam on a fresh piece of homemade bread, of program! Consider plum jam in the middle of these jam sandwich cookies.

What is freezer plum jam?

This isn’t a recipe for freezer plum jam but I am interested in attempting that technique.

Freezer jam isn’t simply homemade jam that you store in the freezer, as I as soon as imagined. Rather creating freezer jam refers to the procedure the place you do not cook the fruit. Alternatively, you mix fruit with sugar at space temperature, allow it sit (equivalent to macerating berries) then you include pectin that has been heated with water.

You can store freezer jam in the fridge or the freezer.

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