Sticky buns

Sticky buns

If you could smell these sticky buns, you’d be be drooling. They are absolutely excellent and are literally my pride and joy.

Building a recipe with yeast can be a little tough. So on my initial batch of these buns, I held my breath the whole time they were baking. And even although they looked flawlessly poofed and swirled out of the oven, I was crazy nervous about the massive flip! (All the caramel pecan glaze is on the bottom of the pan.) Luckily for me and you, I could not be happier with what turned out of the pan. The buns are fluffy and buttery, the cinnamon swirls tightly wound, and the glaze as sticky as attainable.

But hey, if you happen to be a lot more interested in Classic Cinnamon Rolls, I get it. We have a fairly perfect recipe for people, also.

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