Stuffing with sausage

Stuffing with sausage

A deliciously easy to make stuffing best for the holidays!

Our stuffing recipe is soft and buttery on the inside with crispy, golden edges and incredible flavours. Onions, celery, garlic and herbs are sauted in butter, tossed with bread and baked in a total flavoured stock.

A classic homemade stuffing is the quintessential Thanksgiving side dish. Straightforward to make for your holiday dinner table!


A hint of sweetness from the cranberries (optional), with the extra saltiness from sausage, this will become your favourite Thanksgiving stuffing recipe!


  • Pan fried sausages — casings eliminated. You can use chicken, beef, pork or turkey sausages. We adore employing spicy Italian flavour.
  • Bread — white, wholewheat or grain bread are fine to use.
  • White wine — YES! If you’ve never ever tried white wine in your stuffing ahead of, attempt it! We reduce it down before including it in, and the flavour is amazing! Of course, you can swap it out with added chicken broth or leave it out all collectively.
  • Herbs — I use fresh Sage, Parsley and Rosemary. If you don’t like these, you can also use basil, oregano, thyme or any other herbs you like!


To get the very best stuffing with these irresistible crispy golden edges, it’s ideal to use dry bread. You can dry fresh bread out in the oven JUST right up until beginning to toast, or use day previous bread.

I usually dry day previous bread in the oven to make sure the very best outcome.

Any bread is fine, however we choose using a French stick or Baguette torn or reduce into into one-inch pieces.


Whilst your bread is drying out in the oven, quickly brown the sausage, breaking it up with a fork or the end of a wooden spoon even though cooking.

Mix the browned sausage through the bread cubes. We usually add the pan drippings for added flavour!

The rest comes collectively in minimum measures:

SAUTE veggies and herbs in butter.
Include the wine
Mix in the stock
POUR over bread
BAKE until browned.

The cranberries are an optional ingredient, as described over. You can leave them out all with each other, or substitute with raisins or carrots!

Leftovers are a favourite over here! Think Ross with his renowned Moist Maker sandwich produced with Thanksgiving leftovers. A scorching three-tier turkey sandwich with stuffing and gravy… yum.

If you have a whole lot of stuffing leftover, refrigerate in air tight containers for up to 2-3 days, or freeze for up to two months.

To reheat, thaw it out first, then bake for 350°F (175°C) for roughly half an hour. You could want to include 1/4 – one/two cup stock to prevent drying it out.

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